Thursday, February 28, 2008

Texas 14th District Poll

The voters in Ohio's 10th District and the 14th District of Texas are probably about as different philosophically as they could be. But they do have one thing in common- they don't support their Congressman for President, but they're fine to keep on sending him to Washington. We released numbers about Dennis Kucinich yesterday, here they are for Ron Paul:

John McCain 49
Mike Huckabee 27

Ron Paul 18

Paul's performance is stronger than he is seeing most places, though still not that great. He does best with young voters, among whom he leads Huckabee and has 29%

Ron Paul 63
Chris Peden 30

Paul has been challenged on the right by Peden, a Friendswood City Councilman. Peden has particularly tried to hammer Paul on the war and on issues that fall into the category of moral and family values. But he's not getting much traction with those criticisms. The poll shows Paul leading 64-27 among voters who said the war was their top issue and with a 65-28 advantage among respondents most concerned about moral and family values.

Like the Presidential race Paul is very popular with young voters, with whom he has a 75-11 lead.

Full results here

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