Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday and the NC Attorney General's Race

Update: Just saw that Mark Binker wrote about this yesterday.

The November race for Attorney General between Roy Cooper and challenger Bob Crumley would normally be the furthest thing from my mind the night of Super Tuesday.

But on CNN tonight there is an ad running for Crumley's law firm. What's strange about it is that it looks like a political ad and focuses on some program he is involved with that provides college scholarships.

He never says anything about being a candidate for Attorney General, but it's highly unlikely that it's a coincidence he happens to be running these campaign style ads for his law firm on CNN the night of Super Tuesday.

Maybe his law firm has a bigger marketing budget right now than his campaign does.

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Anonymous said...

Well I certainly hope someone goes after Cooper. He has a pretty well documented track record of negligent work as NC AG.

There a number of actions he could have done that have cost a number of North Carolinians their lives and he's ignored them.

Wait until the election heats up. There's a couple of political nukes that he'll have to defuse!

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