Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pennsylvania Poll Tomorrow

Five companies have released Pennsylvania polls in the last two days that did them last week too.

One, Survey USA, showed Barack Obama gaining four points on Hillary Clinton from their last one.

Another, Quinnipiac, showed the margin between them the same as last week.

Rasmussen and Strategic Vision both showed Clinton gaining four points on Obama compared to their previous polls.

Finally, ARG showed a 20 point Clinton gain.

So they've been all over the map in terms of movement in the race in the last week. Where does PPP fit in? Check back tomorrow morning to find out. We're pretty sure that for better or worse our numbers will cause a stir.


jr1886 said...

So are you saying you got a wild swing compared to your last poll. It's going to be interesting to take a look at it tomorrow morning

Anonymous said...

don't be such a tease - tell us what you got.

John said...

Ahh -- I can't wait!

jr1886 said...

we might crash this blog tomorrow if you are trying to tease us like that. You are lucky you don't have a release time...

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